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Create student profiles, design custom forms,
visually map your students physical concerns,
keep records of your sessions, design effective
yoga practices and store it all securely
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Student Profiles

Session Notes

Custom Forms

Student Management System

Securely store and easily manage all your records
  • Organize all information about your students in one place
  • Create and send brand new forms or customize pre-loaded templates
  • Map your students structure and physical concerns visually
  • Chronicle your students progress using SOAP notes
  • Send Liability Waiver forms to your students to get their consent for services
  • Keep track of who attended your classes and when record payments
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Yoga Sequence Builder

Create classes and private yoga sessions quickly and easily
  • Design yoga practices with images of poses, breathing practices and mudras
  • Modify sequences from our large collection of predesigned yoga practices
  • Select the most effective poses by body areas
  • Customize any pose with the built-in pose editor or add your own poses
  • Swap between different versions of each pose with the click of a button
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Record Security

Sequence Wiz employs various technological
safeguards to make sure that your records
are protected, including record encryption,
firewall protection, daily off site backups
and a secure log-in system with optional
two-factor authentication.

HIPAA Compliance

Sequence Wiz is committed to and has
implemented many safeguards to ensure
that its devices, services, website and data
systems are compliant with the regulations
and conditions set forth in the Health
Insurance Portability and Availability Act
of 1996 (HIPAA).

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much more, available to members only.

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  • I really appreciate all your blogs and practices. I am in the path to become a yoga therapist and your help has been a blessing to me. Being a member of your website has given me many tools for my studies. The sequencing builder has been an easy way to create my protocols. Thank you for all you do for us!!!

    Mara S.

    Dear Olga: I cannot express how much I love you and your site!! I go to Sequence Wiz for all my injuries, and your yoga routines fix EVERYTHING. You have such a lovely manner and soothing voice; your instruction is so, so wonderful works miracles. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your amazing and fantastic yoga therapy.

    Colette O.

    I simply wanted to congratulate you on your website and its content. I have been teaching yoga for 5 years now and I am always looking for inspiration and resources to keep my own practice and my classes fresh. Thank you for teaching what I call "smart yoga" and for your generosity in sharing your knowledge.

    Chantal E.

    I just wanted to tell you that I really REALLY value your website and share it with loads of people...either the articles, if for my students, or the actual site if it's for my teacher friends. I love your approach to poses through mini vinyasas and I use them and adapt them all the time in my classes. Students LOVE this style and it gives me a chance to really TEACH about what's going on in the body so that they can use the changes that occur throughout their daily lives. THANK YOU.


    I just want to say that I have found your posts and diagrams and videos very, very informative and helpful. Your knowledge and specificity and general sanity about yoga is so refreshing. And it’s so nice to feel like I can trust what you are saying, because you always back it up with information that makes sense. Thank you so much for your service to the yoga community!

    Stephanie K.
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